Wednesday, 23 July 2014

See What This Bad Sèxy Girl On Mini-Skirt Is Doing To This Young [PHOTO]

Isn’t This Boy too young to have an erection because of a woman?
See the pix when you

VIDEO: See How Boko Haram Behead A Nigerian Airforce Officer

Earlier today, we shared a post about a disturbing video which has gone viral online, the video shows how members of the deadly terrorist group, Boko Haram, took the life of a Nigerian Airforce officer in Borno; they decapitated him and paraded with his head in a jubilant display.
The officer, who identified himself as Umar Abubakar during his interrogation, said that he was a member of the Section 9 of Nigerian armed forces engaged in counter-insurgency measures against Boko Haram.

14-Year-Old Girl & Boyfriend Hang Themselves After Finding Out She Was Pregnant [PHOTO]

A teenage Russian girl and her lover both hanged themselves from the same rope in a tree after they discovered that she was pregnant.
DailyMailreports that Irina Korovina, 14, and her lover Anatoly Maslov, 22, died and were found hanging from the same rope from the same branch. Their hands were still wrapped around each other, as tactile in death as they were in life. Police said that with no suicide note they were still investigating the cause of death, but confirmed that the teenager was pregnant and, being under-age, the man would have faced an investigation if he was the father of the child.

Tania Who? Runs Babe Leaks Her Bedroom Runs With Wizkid [SEE PHOTOS]

Apparently, it seems we are in the season of confessions or, better still, the season of girls looking for trouble by going for what belongs to other ladies, both married and unmarried.
While we are yet to get over what a lady said about newly married Jude Okoye and his escapades, another bad girl has exposed her "runs" with Wizkid.

TOO CHEAP: You Won't Believe The Nigerian Artiste That Wants To Date Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji has remained one of the most sought after and hottest actress in the industry. Its no wonder many have and will continue to profess their love for the talented actress.
As is the case of Nigerian reggae artiste, Yung L who reveals he has a crush on the actress.
Yung L revealed this during a recent interview with NET.

Former Petroleum Minister, Rilwanu Lukman Is Dead

Rilwanu Lukman is a Nigerian engineer who held several ministerial positions in the Nigerian Federal government before becoming Secretary General of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) from 1 January 1995 to 31 December 2000.
On 18 December 2008, Lukman was appointed Minister of Petroleum Resources by Nigerian president Umaru Yar’Adua, holding office until March 2010.

BREAKING: Another Bomb Goes Off In Kaduna, Many Feared Dead

An explosion has occurred in central Kaduna killing at least 10 people, a witness has said.
The blast occurred Wednesday afternoon along Isa Kaita road which leads to the popular Murtala Square.

SHOCKING Video Of How Boko Haram Members Beheaded A Nigerian Air Force Officer In Borno State

A video has surfaced showing how some members of the Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram, decapitated a Nigerian Air Force officer in Borno State and paraded with his head in a jubilant display.
The victim, who was extensively interrogated before his gruesome killing, identified himself as Umar Abubakar, disclosing that he was a member of Section 9 of the Nigerian armed forces engaged in counter-insurgency measures against Boko Haram.

Former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu Is The Problem With Nigeria?

By Edo Ukpong
These past weeks have not been any different from the past months, Nigeria has been stumbling from one crisis to another, from one killing to another, from one scandal to another from one distasteful act of impunity to more disquieting acts of impunity and so on.
In all of these there is no hope that things will quiet down anytime soon or indeed that we have seen/heard the worst. Things happen with such varying degrees of absurdity and at such frenetic pace, that it is not feasible for any 'breaking news' to grab our attention for any length of time.

UKWU ALERT: Could This Be The A$$ In Africa? [HOT PHOTOS]

Check out this lady from Kenya and her dangerous backside below:
More photos when you

Nigerian Teenager Brutally Beats Mum Unconscious, Then Kills Brother In NY [PHOTOS]

A Nigerian-born teenager with a history of psychiatric problems killed his 15-year-old brother and brutally beat his mother - a respected physician - into a coma over the weekend in Long Island, New York, police say.
Arrested: Charles Okonkwo Jr., 18, who admitted to 'hurting' his mother and younger brother, has a history of mental illness, his lawyer says

‘Alien Hand’: Meet Woman Whose Left Hand Slaps And Punches Her [PHOTOS]

Fifty five-year-old Karen Byrne lives in New Jersey. She had a surgery at 27 to control her epilepsy. Since then something bizarre started happening with her.
Her left hand, and occasionally her left leg, behaved as if they had a mind of their own.

‘We Had S*x Before Coming To Court’ - Wife Told Court

There was a mild drama at Ejigbo Customary Court in Lagos State yesterday [July 21] when a housewife, Mariam Jimoh rejected the divorce suit instituted against her by her husband, Sunday, insisting that they must continue with their 10-year old marriage.
Mariam was taken to court by her husband who is seeking for the dissolution of their marriage because he claimed that he no longer loved her. The mother of two insisted that her husband still loves her as they are still living together in the same apartment, sleeping together in the same bed and making love regularly as husband and wife.

EXPOSED: Khloe Kardashian Doing BAD THINGS With Her Sister’s BoyFriend In A Bathtub [PHOTO]

Many fans slammed her for getting in a tub with her sister Kourtney’s man and baby daddy, Scott Disick.
While some argued that there is nothing wrong with it,majority said the tub is way too small and it is just not acceptable,sister or not.

RIP: See The Face Of The Pilot Who Died In The Air-Force Helicopter Crash

Pictured below is Flight Lieutenant Onyeka Nwakile who was one of the two people who died when an Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter crashed during a training mission in Bama, Borno state yesterday July 21st.
Nwakile, a pilot on board the helicopter and a technician lost their lives while another pilot was

"Nigerian Politicians Are Thieves, But They Are Not Corrupt" - Femi Aribisala

We need to tell the world that we have “re-based” the corruption index in Nigeria and found it to be totally non-existent.
If you have been wondering why the government of Goodluck Jonathan has achieved precious little in the monumental fight against corruption in Nigeria, the answer is very simple. There is actually no corruption in Nigeria. Nigerian politicians are thieves, but they are not corrupt.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How To Know If Your Husband Or Boyfriend Had $ex While You Were Away [ADULT ONLY]

1. Smell its odor Normally it should have the filthy offensive odor of not having been washed If you smell Fluid or s*xual liquids odour or the pleasant odour of bathing products then its up to you [to decide why] While I’m at it, the normal offensive odour should be primarily from the offensive odour of urine, slightly salty. Fluid and s*xual liquids odour are slightly fishy odour. Normally when you have the chance, smell [his joystick] more, lick more, and slowly you will be more familiar with it.
2. Let it [the Erupt] out and look at the color, white means he has ejaculated within the past 3 days, yellow means he hasn’t. (Some people say the color will change after time too, you can check yourself.)

SHOCKING: Ritualists Cut Off A Girl's Br**st While She Is Still Alive [PHOTO]

The heart of man is wicked, truly it is. I wonder what this innocent looking girl would have done to those guys to make them visit such attrocity on her in broad day light?
Sources say her br**st was cut off by ritualists in Ado Ekiti on Monday but she managed to escape.

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