Sunday, 12 August 2012

PHOTO: What Is He Doing Under Her Skirt?

what kind of dance is this?

Problem is we can't figure out what these people are dancing for with this style.

We have witness some great dance steps, but this particular one seem a little out of the ordinary.

Maybe this peole have just found another dance style cos these is my first time seeing something like this!

It'll be agreed that the lady seems very sumptuous, but what is Mr man really doing down below?

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  1. This is modern rhumba dance.

  2. Nonseciitty idoitical?????? Rubissssssssh of d highest order......!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dis is beginning of madness

  4. it doesn't make any sense at all

  5. Pure rubbish, how i wish the girl will pure mestration in his mouth.

  6. may God forgive both of them


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